Adult Education

Join our ongoing classes to enrich your way of thinking through Torah’s timeless truths.

These discussions help you see yourself, other individuals, and all of the events in your life from a higher, more spiritual, and radically more positive point of view.

One-On-One Torah Study

Get answers to questions about Judaism you never had who to ask!

These classes, are tailor made to suit you. You pick the topic and set the pace when you study the subject of your choice, one-on-one.

Learn One on One with Rabbi Natan at a time that works for you!
Contact us to set up a one-on-one learning session.

Possible study topics include but are not limited to:

Weekly Parshah, Jewish Law (Halachah), Talmud,

Tanya- Chassidic Mysticism, Chassidic Philosophy,

Judaism & Traditions